Medical Records

Frequently Asked Questions

Netcare Access has policies and procedures to ensure timely and proper release of medical records and private health information of patients that have received services at our facilities.

How can I obtain a copy of my medical record?

You may request a copy of your medical record by downloading an Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information by clicking here. Per your request we will send the medical record via US Postal mail or secure/unsecure email, or to direct Netcare Access to send your records to a third party.

Netcare Access will accept an outside authorization form as long as it meets all legal requirements for a valid authorization.

Where do I send the medical record request for access or authorization form?

Patient Directed Access and Authorization forms may be mailed to Netcare Access’s Medical Records Department at:

Netcare Medical Records
199 S. Central Ave.
Columbus, OH  43223

To avoid delays, please make sure the form submitted is completed and signed and dated by the patient or patient’s representative.

How soon can I expect the medical records request to be completed?

Your request for medical records will be processed within 30 calendar days from receiving the completed request unless we notify you that the request cannot be processed within that time frame, the reason for the delay, and the date by which we will complete action on the request.

Is there a secure way for me to share sensitive files with Netcare over the internet?

Yes, you can use our Secure File Transfer form to send sensitive files to Netcare’s Medical Records Department (Note: this is still in BETA).

secure file transfer form

Note: this link will take you to a third-party (HIPAA compliant) secure form site from Hush Communications.

What if I have questions about a medical record request?

You can call us at 614.278.0203 to speak with a Medical Records team or send us an email at medicalrecords@netcareaccess.org.