Miles House

What We Do

Miles House is a co-ed, short term residential treatment facility for individuals struggling with mental health issues and possible substance abuse located on the Westside of Columbus. 

Miles House is an excellent option for people who need extra time in recovery but would prefer to do it in a residential setting to prepare for community re-entry. We offer 4 bedrooms with 9 client beds and recently renovated common areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. 

Miles House is a voluntary program where clients learn to stay sober, manage symptoms, deal with family stress and interact with each other and the community. 

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“I came to Miles House without hope. And I left with more than just a fighting chance at recovery. Indeed, with more than just hope, but tools and insights by which I have been able to more successfully wage the good fight of living with these illnesses on a day by day basis. Your work at Miles House touches every soul that comes through the door for the better.”

Miles House Client


Clients often come directly from Netcare Access Crisis Stabilization Unit but are also referred from local hospitals. Client referrals may be completed and faxed here to begin the referral process. Determination is typically made within 24 hours.

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