Older Adult Services

What We Do

The older adult specialist provides assessments to adults 65 and older in the community. This specialist provides mental health and substance abuse assessments in older adult clients’ homes for the purpose of determining client’s mental health needs and/or substance abuse by referring clients to programs in the community as agreed to by the client.

The older adult specialist also completes competency assessments, which are usually referred through Adult Protective Services. These assessments are for the purpose of determining if the client is able to make responsible decisions regarding his/her safety, personal care, medical care, and money management.  If there are concerns about the client’s ability to complete these tasks, the older adult specialist then facilitates an expert evaluation from a psychologist or a physician. The expert evaluation is sent to Adult Protective Services who arrange for probate court to appoint a guardian, or conservator.

The older adult specialist also completes mental health reviews of Preadmission Screening and Resident Review  (PASRR) for the Ohio Department of Mental Health.  The specialist provides a recommendation to the Ohio Department of Mental Health whether the client’s needs meet the level of care required for a nursing home or further services.

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