For Crisis Assistance Call - 614-276-CARE (614- 276-2273)
Administrative Offices Call - 614-274-9500


Netcare’s Community Crisis Response (CCR) provides immediate, on-the-scene response to traumatic situations that occur within the community. Specially trained and experienced mental health clinicians work with the Red Cross, police, and fire departments as they deal with citizens in the community who are impacted by traumatic events.

The Community Crisis Response team responds to: homicides, suicides, unexpected deaths, motor vehicle accidents, fires, and other traumatic events in the community where significant physical trauma or death is involved.  CCR responds at the request of law enforcement, whenever the officer is concerned that family members may need extra support.  CCR clinicians help surviving friends and family members cope in the first few hours after an event, by connecting them to information, and resources, and helping them to know what to expect.