Mobile Crisis Response Unit

Community Intervention and Diversion

Netcare Access has partnered with the Columbus Division of Police and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office to develop the Mobile Crisis Response Unit in which a Netcare clinician is paired with an officer or deputy and the team responds to behavioral health or suspected substance abuse calls in the field.

These programs allow crisis services to be provided inside communities and offer immediate assistance to individuals that may have barriers preventing them from going to a facility like Netcare Access for on-site services. These programs have also been successful in preventing individuals from harming themselves or others in the community. 

The Mobile Crisis Team utilizes the practices of Trauma Informed Care, Solution Focused Counseling and Motivational Interviewing to assist individuals in the community experiencing a mental health or substance abuse crisis or trauma. 

Need Help?

If you are concerned about a friend or family member’s mental health or substance abuse and you are having difficulty getting them to visit Netcare Access for crisis services, you may contact one of these programs to determine if a mobile response team is an appropriate next step.

Columbus Police Department Non-Emergency Line



Franklin County Sheriff Office