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  • Help Us Keep the Light On at Miles House

    Please join us in reaching our campaign goal of raising $10,000 so we can purchase a generator for Miles House.

    Miles House is in an older neighborhood with aging electrical infrastructure. As a result, power outages are common, especially during storms. Power outages are a true challenge for the staff and clients at Miles House. When power is lost, staff cannot connect to Netcare resources, including phone, client data, and emergency systems. If a client is new to Miles House, lack of lighting in an unfamiliar place causes disorientation and anxiety, jeopardizing everyone’s safety. And, food spoilage resulting from sustained periods without power has cost the agency thousands of dollars over the years.

    Your support of this Better Together campaign will impact the wellbeing, safety, and security of clients and staff at Miles House. By purchasing and installing a new generator, powered by natural gas, this critical resource for our community can weather any storm!

    Click here to donate now!

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