CEO, King Stumpp Announces Retirement from Netcare Access

A. King Stumpp

With a new year comes change and after 10 years of leadership our President and CEO, King Stumpp, will retire from Netcare Access in July of 2021.

During King’s tenure, Netcare transitioned from adolescent and adult crisis to focus on adults only, expanded our values to include trauma informed care, partnered with like-minded agencies to take on projects like the Homeless Hotline, added the Mobile Crisis Response teams that pair an officer with a Netcare clinician to ensure safety in the community and saw us through multiple renovations and facility improvements.

We are well prepared for the future, thanks in part to King, and we sincerely appreciate the impact his leadership has had on our agency for the past decade.

If you know someone that may be qualified to be our next CEO visit our careers webpage.