For Crisis Assistance Call - 614-276-CARE (614- 276-2273)
Administrative Offices Call - 614-274-9500

For immediate help for mental health or substance abuse related crisis, visit our mental health/substance abuse crisis center:

199 S. Central Avenue

Help in a Crisis - Adult and YouthCrisis Intervention Services

Netcare Access operates a crisis center twenty-four hours per day, three hundred sixty five days per year, including all holidays. Confidential and private services including: crisis intervention, de-escalation, psychiatric nursing assessment, physician evaluation, referrals.

Clients are seen at the crisis center on a walk-in basis, or referred by community agencies or law enforcement. Due to local, hospital bed capacity limitations and rising client acuity levels, Netcare maintains a strong focus on identifying clinically appropriate alternatives to hospitalization, such as holding the client over at a crisis site to provide an opportunity for further observation and stabilization, or admission to other Netcare programs such as the Crisis Stabilization Unit or Miles House. Following stabilization, clients will be discharged and referred to a Alcohol, Drug or Mental Health (ADAMH) agency for longer-term outpatient treatment, or if need be, referred for hospitalization. The goal of crisis services is always to treat with the least restrictive level of care.

Assessment Services

Netcare provides substance abuse and mental health assessments at 199 S. Central Ave. Licensed clinicians assess mental health, evaluate the severity of substance use and abuse, determine treatment needs and facilitate referrals to the most appropriate provider.

Assessment services are available Monday-Friday, from 8:00 am-3:30 pm. Services are accessed on a walk-in basis and based on of level of need.

What to Expect from Netcare's Crisis Intervention/Assessment Services

  • What will happen to me when I come in?

    When you come in to one of Netcare’s crisis/assessment sites, you will be greeted by a crisis specialist who will take your name and presenting problem. The specialist will give you paperwork to fill out. We can assist you with the paperwork if you need help. You will then be taken into an interview room where you will meet with a clinician or a nurse.

  • How long will I have to wait to be seen by someone?

    Netcare staff will “triage” clients according to their mental health needs, much like a hospital emergency room “triages” patients according to their medical needs. We will see clients based on individual needs.

  • Can I see a doctor?

    You will be seen by a licensed clinician to determine the best course for your treatment, which may include a multi-disciplinary treatment team of specialists, clinicians, psychiatrists and nurses.

  • What is an assessment?

    An assessment is simply a tool used to identify what services might be helpful to you. The assessment helps determine needs and identify treatment providers or community resources that will meet yourneeds. Assessments are provided by licensed counselors or social workers. Some questions may seem very personal, but it is important that you give complete and honest answers. This will help us to getyou what you need. All responses and answers to questions are strictly confidential (except where disclosure is required by law.)

  • How long will it take?

    The assessment will probably take 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete. Netcare does not accept appointments for general assessments, therefore you may have to wait for a clinician to finish with another client. We appreciate your patience if we are very busy and you have to wait.

  • What are the fees for services?

    You will not be billed directly for services provided at Netcare. The Franklin County ADAMH Board, other third party insurers and other private sources pay for Netcare’s services. Should you need medical clearance or assistance from another facility, Netcare is not responsible for paying the cost for these services.