For Crisis Assistance Call - 614-276-CARE (614- 276-2273)
Administrative Offices Call - 614-274-9500



Netcare is dedicated to:
Helping people in crisis with prompt, compassionate, effective, and respectful care;

Providing prompt, professional, and comprehensive evaluations and assessments for the Courts and community agencies.





We seek to contribute to the welfare of those whom we serve.


We strive to go beyond what is expected.


We strive to be responsible to our clients, to our funders, to other stakeholders, and to the general public.


We treat everyone with dignity and without bias about who they are or the circumstances of our involvement with them.


We work with other interested parties and stakeholders to contribute to the betterment of behavioral health systems and programs in the community.

Trauma Sensitive

We strive to understand, anticipate, and respond to the needs of those who have experienced trauma, by providing a comforting and safe environment, promoting self empowerment of the client.

Cultural Awareness and Relevancy

We strive to understand and address the role of race and implicit biases toward people of other cultures; how these can affect client and staff behaviors, attitudes, and responses; and how these can impact staff interactions with clients and with each other.

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